After receiving approval and logging in to your marketplace account, you can access any live auction and set your Proxy Bid. It’s advisable to input a bid that represents the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for the order.

The auction will indicate the minimum bid required to participate. Once you’ve entered your bid amount, simply click the “Bid Now” button.

GSM Go Auction views bids as a binding commitment to complete the purchase based on the auction’s information, and we encourage all bidders to place their bids with this intent in mind.

Our primary payment method is through bank transfer. Detailed instructions will be provided in the “Won Offer” confirmation email and can also be found on the Orders page (My Account > Auctions > Order Number).

If you are not familiar with how to make a payment via bank transfer, please contact your financial institution directly for assistance.

Note: If you do not include the correct fees in the total payment, your payment may be rejected, and the order may be canceled.

Using an alternative payment method not listed as an accepted payment method above or indicated in the “Won Offer” email increases the risk that the payment may be lost, delayed, and/or refunded, potentially resulting in order cancellation due to non-payment.

All bids placed on GSM Go Auction marketplaces are considered binding, and full payment is required within 2 business days. If you win an auction and opt not to make the payment, you will forfeit your right to purchase the inventory, and your ability to participate in future GSM Go Auctions may be terminated.