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REFOX 80B, AUTOMATING GRINDING MACHINE AND REFOX RM22 Mini UV Curing Box, repair equipment – 3 Units – Used

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1. REFOX APM-80B3 in 1 Automatic Grinding & Polishing Machine APM Series for Mobile Screen Scratch Repair

wide application scenarios

REFOX 3 in 1 Automatic Grinding & Polishing Machine APM Series

REFOX Grinding and Polishing Machine is one of the top-selling and most popular grinding and polishing machines on the market. The machine is specifically designed to remove scratches on the phone screen, phone back glass and smart watch screen. For smaller scratches, it only needs 3-6 minutes to complete refurbishment while bigger scratches require 8-12 minutes, which shows great power in refurbishment.To meet different customers’ needs, we offer three models which can support 8 slots.

Product Advantages

wide application scenarios

Wide Application Scenarios

Scratches on the phone screen, phone back
glass and Apple Watch screen

Higher Working Efficiency

Support refurbishment without disassembling

higher working efficiency


Stable Performance

The machine body adopts thick steel plates; Built-in brushless motor to extend the machine lifespan;
Interior parts are made of stainless steel;

More Compact with 3 in 1 Design

Built-in silent air compressor and liquid circulating system

compact design

Smaller Size

50% size reduction to save more space

Safer Operation

APM-80B grinding & polishing machines have been equipped with
the intelligent closing sensor device

safer operation

Product Details

Durable with stainless steel material

Durable with stainless steel material

Odorless and quiet operation with the sealing tape

Odorless and quiet operation with the sealing tape

Double mold with full protection

Double mold with full protection

Built-in silent air compressor

Built-in silent air compressor

Built-in liquid circulating system

Built-in liquid circulating system

Application Scenarios

refurbishment factories
Refurbishment factories which
need to improve efficiency
repair shops
Repair shops which plan to expand business
through offering scratches removing service
  • adhesion with good permeability
2. REFOX RM22Mini UV Curing Box
REFOX RM22 Mini UV Curing Box


REFOX RM22 is a compact, efficient, and reliable mini UV curing box designed to speed up the curing process of screen bonding and waterproof adhesive sealants before screen polishing. Its compact design seamlessly integrates into any repair environment, while its dual-device capacity ensures maximum productivity. Equipped with high-quality LED beads, the RM22 delivers rapid curing of waterproof adhesive in just 15 seconds, ensuring superior results. The integrated active carbon cartridge effectively eliminates unpleasant UV glue smells for a pleasant working environment.

Small enough to fit in any repair environment, and capable of curing adhesive for two screens or waterproof molds

refox rm22 mini uv curing box

The curing process for waterproof molds takes only 15 seconds with the use of high-quality LED beads.

refox rm22 mini uv curing box

The active carbon cartridge in the UV curing box is designed to eliminate adhesive odors, resulting in a cleaner and more pleasant working environment.

refox rm22 mini uv curing box

3. Automatic Grinding & Polishing Machines for Mobile Screen Scratch Repair,Support 8 module, 220V

This desktop automatic dispenser machine provides high-performance dispensing operations, designed for precise and high-speed applications. It features a Chinese keyboard for easy understanding and debugging, along with artificial generation for specific dispensing tasks. The machine supports the drawing of points, lines, polygons, arcs, and irregular curves through its twin axis linkage. It includes a dual-channel software with easy data management via U disk.

The machine offers adjustable parameters for glue thickness, speed, and dispensing time, suitable for various adhesive types such as UV glue, epoxy, and silicone. It can be equipped with additional tools like a glue gun or a heating device for different dispensing needs. It is ideal for electronic devices like mobile phones, computers, and more, supporting quick point/glue connections and liquid dispensing.

Optional features include dual trim plastic tube jigs for simultaneous operations, enhancing work efficiency. The machine’s working range is 300/300/350/100 with a maximum load of 8 kg/4 kg, a movement speed of 0.1 – 800, and a repeatability of +/- 0.01 mm per axis. It supports up to 100 programs with 4000 points each, displayed on an LCD teach pendant. The system uses micro-precision motors and operates with full AC voltage input. The machine dimensions are 255 x 410 x 485 mm, operating in temperatures of 5 – 40°C and humidity of 20 – 90%.


  1. Artificial generation for specific dispensing tasks, mechanized production.
  2. Chinese keyboard for easy understanding, no external teaching required, convenient debugging, high-speed precision.
  3. Twin axis linkage for drawing points, lines, polygons, arcs, and irregular curves.
  4. Dual-channel software, data management via U disk.
  5. Adjustable glue parameters: thickness, speed, dispensing time; suitable for UV glue, epoxy, silicone, etc.
  6. Optional tools: glue gun, heating device for varied dispensing needs.
  7. Ideal for electronic devices: phones, computers, PC boards, etc.
  8. Optional dual trim tube jigs for simultaneous operation, improved efficiency.
  9. Working range: 300/300/350/100; load: 8 kg/4 kg; speed: 0.1 – 800; repeatability: +/- 0.01 mm/axis.
  10. Supports up to 100 programs, 4000 points each; LCD teach pendant display.
  11. Micro-precision motors; full AC voltage input; dimensions: 255 x 410 x 485 mm.
  12. Operating conditions: 5 – 40°C, 20 – 90% humidity.


All devices in the unlocked and locked categories have been tested with NSYS Diagnostics and are fully functional, except for those in the faulty category where the type of issue is specified for each unit.

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